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Fairy furniture

*** Sets can be made to your individual specifications at no extra charge ***

Hand carved from locally, responsibly sourced wood. 

Basic set of 2 chairs and a table (approx. 12cm x 10cm). 

More chairs, larger tables and accessories can be added. Please email for details, before purchase.

Each item has its own unique grain and tool marks.

Measurements are approximate and will be slightly different for each set.

basic fairy furniture
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Restored, retro Scout camping table 

A delightfully quirky piece. This is an old Scout camping table, that has been lovingly restored by hand and finished with Danish oil.

It is versatile. Can be used a plant stand, bedside table, lamp table...

It also has the ability be taken apart in to three pieces and carried in a bag, as in its previous life. Great for festivals or picnics. A really interesting bit of furniture.

Approx.40cm in high and 30x30cm on the top..

scout table
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Hand made, solid oak chopping boards.

While we do keep a few of these in stock, these are generally made to order. Boards are made from locally sourced oak, and worked by hand to provide solid chopping boards full of charcter and rustic charm. They look great in any kitchen, and can be used as serving boards. If you have a specific request, please get in touch. Prices range from £30 - £100, depending on size and other features requested.

oak boards
£30.00 +
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Hand carved cooking spoon 

Hand carved from locally, responsibly sourced plum. Finished with coconut oil. 

this has a lovely deep bowl making it ideal for use cooking soups and broths.

Each item has its own unique grain and tool marks.

Approx.25cm in length.

square edged spoon
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Solid oak chopping board - SOLD

Hand shaped, carved and finished. Locally, responsibly sourced solid oak. Treated with walnut oil. 

A specially carved well, holds chopped herbs and spices.

This is a really beautiful, solid board that will last for many years.

Each item has its own unique grain and tool marks..

Approx dimensions 40x25cm

chopping board
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